Ishinomaki Grill & Sake Bar

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Sashimi – Sashimi Miyagi
Premium assorted sashimi, 8 kinds of premium assorted sashimi
Chirashi – Premium Chirashi
Premium sashimi on top of sushi rice comes with miso soup
Chirashi – Supreme Chirashi
Mix and match for your chirashi and comes with miso soup
Seiro Ozen – Sashimi and Unagi Seiro Ozen
Assorted sashimi and grilled eel with seiro rice and chawanmushi and miso soup
Seiro Ozen – Sashimi and Salmon Seiro Ozen
Assorted sashimi and steamed salmon with seiro rice and chawanmushi and miso soup
Grilled – Gindara Saikyo Yaki
Grilled cod with sweet miso paste
Don – Unagi Foie Gras Don
Pan-seared foie gras, unagi and avocado with sanshio sauce. Come with miso soup.
Don – Wagyu Steak Don
Pan-fried wagyu steak slices, served in a rice bowl comes with miso soup
Maki and Sushi – Spicy Salmon Ikura Mentai Roll
Spicy salmon and ikura topped with mentaiko mayo
Maki and Sushi – Unagi Avocado Foie Gras Roll
Eel, avocado and foie gras roll with egg and cucumber
Grilled – Iberico Pork Collar with Yuzu Miso
Grilled Iberian pork collar with yuzu miso
Grilled – Surume Ika
Grilled Japanese squid with ginger sauce
Grilled – Wagyu Kushi Yaki
1 skewer of grilled sliced wagyu
Maki and Sushi – Ishinomaki California Roll
Ishinomaki style california roll with aburi salmon
Maki and Sushi – Spicy Spider Roll
Soft shell crab, cucumber and flying fish roe with mesclun salad
Maki and Sushi – Spicy Tuna and Aburi Salmon Roll
Tuna and seared salmon in spicy sauce
Maki and Sushi – Ebi Ten Roll
Tempura sea prawn roll with cucumber and flying fish roe
Maki and Sushi – Hosomaki
1 roll (6 pieces)
Maki and Sushi – Temaki
1 piece of hand roll
Maki and Sushi – Uni Sushi
Sea urchin sushi (1 piece)
Maki and Sushi – Ikura Sushi
Salmon roe sushi (1 piece)
Maki and Sushi – Maguro Sushi
Tuna sushi (1 piece)
Maki and Sushi – Salmon Sushi
Salmon sushi (1 piece)
Salad – Maguro Zuke Salad
Lightly marinated tuna and mesclun salad
Salad – Salmon Avocado Salad
Marinated salmon and avocado mesclun salad
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Agedashi Tofu
Deep-fried tofu in sauce
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Ebi Tempura
6 pieces of deep-fried prawns
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Tempura Moriawase
Assorted shrimps and vegetables tempura
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Soft Shell Crab Tempura
Deep-fried soft shell crab
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Gyu Fillet Teriyaki
Beef Tenderloin in teriyaki sauce with salad
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Satsumaimo Yasai Tempura
Japanese sweet potato and assorted vegetables tempura
Hot Dish and Soup – Asari and Chicken Garlic Sakamushi
Steamed asari clams and chicken with sake and garlic
Hot Dish and Soup – Miso Soup
Japanese bean paste soup (1 serving)
Rice – Gohan
Steamed Hokkaido rice (1 serving)
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Surume Ika Nankotsu
Deep-fried cartilage of Japanese squid
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Tori Karaage
Deep-fried chicken
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Wakadori Teriyaki
Chicken in teriyaki sauce with salad
Deep-fried and Main Dish – Kawaebi Karaage
Deep-fried river shrimps
Starters – Edamame
Boiled soybeans
Starters – Ankimo Ponzu
Monkfish liver with ponzu sauce
Hot Dish and Soup – Kani Chawan Mushi
Steamed Japanese egg custard with crabmeat and thick broth *Photo is for illustration purpose only
Starters – Eihire
String ray fins
Starters – Hotaru Ika Okizuke
Marinated firefly squid with soy sauce
Starters – Horenso Goma Ae
Spinach with Japanese sesame dressing
Starters – Moro Kyu
Japanese cucumber with barley miso